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2022 might be the year of Intel’s Thunderbolt

by on09 March 2021

Should be on half of PCs

Outside Apple, Intel’s Thunderbolt super-speedy connection technology isn't widely used but that is about to change.

To get a boost in adoption, Intel has built Thunderbolt into its newest Core processors, code-named Tiger Lake, which means laptop makers get Thunderbolt without having to pay extra for separate controller chips. The thought is that since Intel chips are so widely used, the company says Thunderbolt will now have its moment to shine.

Jason Ziller, who runs Intel's connectivity products said that by 2022 Thunderbolt will be in more than half of the PCs sold.

He said that half of laptops that ship in the next year will "definitely" carry the technology. Ziller has led Thunderbolt work since before it debuted in Apple's 2011 MacBook Pro laptops almost exactly 10 years ago.

Thunderbolt ports provide fast and versatile connections to external storage devices, monitors, network adapters and other peripherals. They can replace ports for HDMI, DisplayPort, Ethernet and power. The new Thunderbolt 4 lets multiport docks and hubs offer three Thunderbolt ports instead of just one.


Last modified on 09 March 2021
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