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AMD Zen 2-based 3rd gen Ryzen ES chip spotted

by on10 May 2019

A 16-core chip running at 4.2GHz Boost clock

An engineering sample of AMD's Zen 2-based 3rd generation Ryzen CPU has been spotted online, showing a 16-core chip with 3.3GHz base and 4.2GHz Boost clocks, and running on AM4 X570 motherboard.

While this is still an engineering sample, and should not be considered as a final clock, it does show that AMD will be able to pull some impressive frequencies on its upcoming 3rd gen Ryzen CPUs.

TUM_APISAK revealed these numbers on its Twitter account, and, of course, the leak does not include any TDP or other details, and it is likely that other and this SKU will end up with much higher clocks, like the rumored 8-core or 12-core SKUs.

The big part of AMD's Computex 2019 show will be about the Zen 2 architecture and new Ryzen 3rd gen CPUs, with a possible launch in July. Most motherboard makers are already teasing their new motherboards and you can expect more details once Computex 2019 kicks off on May 28th.


Last modified on 11 May 2019
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