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Apple fanboys will need three different headphone adapters

by on11 September 2018

You adapt so Apple doesn’t

Apple's next iPad Pro will be switching from the Lightning Port to USB-C for the first time. It will also ship with a new 18W USB-C charger.

This means that there will be a switch from Lightning to USB-C for the iPad Pro. That would be a massive change for an iOS device. A memo from analyst Kuo does not suggest that this is simply a change from USB-A Lightning to USB-C Lightning but instead an actual port change on the iPad itself.

While the tame Apple press claims this will be a “boon for productivity” clearly they have not thought it through.

A USB-C port makes sense for connecting peripherals. But if the rumours are true that this year’s iPad Pros don’t have headphone jacks, this is bizarre.

Someone with a Mac, iPhone, and iPad would need three different headphone adapters because Jobs’ Mob can’t make up its mind.

Last modified on 11 September 2018
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