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Apple store cleared after iPad explodes

by on20 August 2018

Copying Samsung again

One of Apple’s cathedrals of delight in Amsterdam had to be cleared of the faithful after an iPad started to copy Samsung and exploded.

The store reopened after the fire brigade ventilated the store to remove the harmful gases and cynicism which entered Amsterdam’s consumer holy of holies. We expect the Apple marketing team conducted an exorcism and chanted a few slogans to restore the atmosphere.

This is the third time an Apple store has had to be evacuated due to an exploding battery -- the other two were iPhones. Still at least the standards of the world were slightly increased by their actions.

Of course, the Tame Apple Press played down the issue. When the problem happened to Samsung they were screaming for the rivals to be listed as unsafe and banned from aircraft.

The iPad and its punctured battery were put in a container of sand after it exploded. No major injuries were reported. Three employees who experienced trouble breathing were treated by first responders. We guess they were having problems with their faith after they discovered the iPad was not as perfect as they thought.

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