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Intel about to release a Lake of Whiskey

by on10 August 2018

The third and last 14nm process refinement

Chipzilla is gearing up to release its new Whiskey Lake-U processors to replace the market's current Kaby Lake-R processors and, according to Tom’s Hardware HP appears to have split the beans on some of the details

Whiskey Lake is the third and last 14nm process refinement before the chipmaker starts ushering in its 10nm Cannon Lake chips in 2019.

Process wise there is little to see here. They are produced under Intel's third generation 14nm+++ process. However with a 15W TDP (thermal design power) rating, these ultra-low powered chips should be very popular in Ultrabooks, compact laptops, all-in-one PCs and mini PCs. According to the information HP recently revealed, the Whiskey Lake-U family is comprised of three processors.

HP tells us that there will be three chips:

The entry-level Intel Core i3-8145U has a 2.1GHz base clock, 3.9GHz boost clock and 4MB of cache. Unfortunately, HP didn't specify the number of cores for the Core i3-8154U. It may have hyperthreading.

Next there is the Intel Core i5-8265U SKU with four cores and eight threads. The processor operates at 1.6GHz with a boost clock of 4.1GHz and has 6MB of cache.

The flagship is the Intel Core i7-8565U whichhas the same cores and threads as its i5 counterpart but comes with higher operating clocks and a more generous amount of onboard cache. The Core i7-8565U features a 1.8GHz base clock, 4.6GHz boost clock and 8MB of cache.

HP said that Whiskey Lake-U processors will employ Intel's UHD 620 Graphics integrated graphics card, the same one found in current ultra-low voltage Kaby Lake-R parts. The Intel UHD 620 comes with 24 execution units operating at 300MHz with a 1,150MHz boost clock depending on the model of the processor.


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