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AMD Zen 2 rumored to offer 10-15 percent IPC uplift

by on24 July 2018

Might even bring higher core count to AM4

According to recent rumors, AMD's Zen 2 architecture will bring impressive IPC performance boost and could even bring a higher core count, all thanks to the new 7nm manufacturing process.

According to recent rumors coming from Chiphell, it appears that AMD's next-generation Zen 2 architecture, based on the 7nm manufacturing process, could bring 10- to 15 percent IPC (Instructions Per Clock) boost compared to the current generation. Switching to the 7nm manufacturing process will allow AMD to get both increased performance as well as significant performance per Watt improvements.

The rumor started at, and with the significant increase in IPC, it states that AMD could push the core count with its Zen 2-based CPU, offering up to 16-cores on the AM4 platform by moving from four cores per CCX to eight core per CCX design. Earlier rumors suggest that we could see a 6-core CCX model so it will be interesting to see which turns out to be correct.

This also means that will see 32-core Threadripper CPUs on TR4 platform and even 64-core/128-thread EPYC server CPUs based on the new Zen 2 architecture.

AMD has previously revealed a few details about its Zen 2 architecture saying that we will see both performance as well as continuous performance-per-watt gains as we move from one to other Zen architecture.

Thanks to the Zen architecture, AMD has been slowly chewing up Intel's CPU market share and Zen 2 could be the big turning point, at least if AMD can keep up to its schedule to begin sampling 7nm Zen 2 CPUs this year and launch them in early 2019.

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