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Intel's Core i7-8086K should cost under £400

by on01 June 2018

Available as of June 8th

It appears that Intel's 40th anniversary Core i7-8086K CPU won't be that pricy and should sell for under £400 when it starts selling on June 8th, at least according to the latest report.

According to Gibbo, a well-known member of Overclockers UK staff, the Core i7-8086K will start selling on June 8th, which is just a couple of days after Intel is expected to officially announce the new 40th Anniversary CPU at Computex 2018 show. On forum, Gibbo also noted that 1000 units are already en-route and that these shall be priced at under £400, which is not that bad considering that the retail price of the Core i7-8700K is set at £329.99. 

Earlier leaks in retail suggested that the Core i7-8086K will be pretty much the same as the Core i7-8700K but run at 4.0GHz base and 5.0-5.1GHz Boost clocks.

Of course, will also offer 8-Pack de-lidded versions with silver/copper IHS, which also means that the IHS on the Core i7-8086K is not soldered.

As noted, Intel will be holding a Computex 2018 keynote on June 5th so we will surely hear more about it then.

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