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Moore's Law can last two more generations

by on22 November 2017

MediaTek chair sees bottlenecks ahead

Moore's Law may continue for two more generations as manufacturers hit problems advancing to 3nm node from the existing 7nm and future 5nm nodes, according to MediaTek’s boss.

MediaTek chairman Tsai Ming-kai said that along with the ever-advancing computing technologies and performance and the ever-expanding data flow, new business opportunities associated with solving human problems through data applications would emerge anytime and anywhere for those pursuing innovations and tech startups.

Sadly he did not go into many details about how all this will change process technology or why the move to 3nm will take so much longer.

Tsai said from the "offline" era to the current "online" era, the global semiconductor industry has been serving as the most fundamental infrastructure to continually provide innovation momentums for online development of all the business and industrial sectors.

While offering the most basic infrastructure for online operations, networks can continuously accumulate more and more information, and if the information can be converted into useful data, new business opportunities will emerge for those engaged in innovations and new ventures although specific risks will follow.

Last modified on 22 November 2017
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