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Intel’s Xeon Phi can now tackle any multi-processing

by on21 June 2016

72-processors ready for AI

Chipzilla has announced that its 72-processor Xeon Phi now boots as a stand-alone, rather than as a coprocessor and can carry out multiprocessing tasks.

This means it can be used for artificial intelligence (AI) and deep brain learning. Intel claims the bootable Xeon Phi scales to any number of processors using Intel's scalable-system framework (SSF) with integrated on-chip fabric, Omni-Path fiber and silicon photonics.

Speed was bumped to 1.5-GHz for high-performance computing (HPC) orchestration while maintaining its low-power energy budget compared with GPU-based and other competing high-speed multicore arrays tied to PCIe.

Intel is flogging the Xeon Phi is the world's first CPU with integrated fabric in-package. Because it is now bootable by itself, has integrated in-package memory and can run on systems as small as developer workstations starting at $5k.

Intel's bootable Xeon Phi fits into its scalable system framework (SSF) which connects with omni-path fiber driven by silicon photonics, to perform high-performance computing (HPC) tasks, especially Deep Learning algorithms .

Intel cliams Xeon Phi arrays of were 1.38 times faster than GPUs compared with a single Intel Xeon Phi processor with 87 percent efficiency compared to 32 Nvidia Tesla K20 GPUs with 62 percent efficiency.

Last modified on 21 June 2016
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