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AMD Athlon X4 880K spec revealed

by on08 September 2015

Kaveri without its GPU

The spec for the AMD Athlon X4 880K has leaked onto the internet. This AMD processor is based on Kaveri, but without a GPU.

The Athlon X4 880K Specs appeared in a compatibility listing from motherboard manufacturer Biostar.

The chip, which hasn't been formally announced yet, will run at 4 GHz and will follow-up the 870K which is yet to be released.

There is no word on how much it will all cost yet, but the 860K has been seen for EUR 70, which should give you some idea.

According to the BioStar listing this is the chip's spec:

A10-7890K, apu Kaveri 2 / 4 4,1 / ?GHz 4MB 95W
Athlon X4 880K, cpu Kaveri 2 / 4 4,0 / ?GHz 4MB 95W
A10-7870K, apu Kaveri 2 / 4 3,9 / 4,1GHz 4MB 95W
Athlon X4 870K, cpu Kaveri 2 / 4 3,9 / ?GHz 4MB 95W
A8-7690K, apu Kaveri 2 / 4 3,7 / ?GHz 4MB 95W
Athlon X4 860K, cpu Kaveri 2 / 4 3,7 / 4,0GHz 4MB 95W
A8-7670K, cpu Kaveri 2 / 4 3,6 / 3,9GHz 4MB 95W
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