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Samsung close to 10nm

by on26 May 2015

Production nearly ready

Samsung told a company event in the UK that it was nearly ready to begin producing mobile chips using its 10nm manufacturing process.

Samsung pledged to start manufacturing the chips in 2016, but no exact release date has been confirmed.

The company said the new chip fabrication technology could offer "significant power, area, and performance advantages."

Handel Jones, CEO at analyst firm International Business Strategies, in a report by the EE Times said that if Samsung were that close to 10nm now it would be hugely disruptive.

Samsung's current high-end chips are built using a 14nm manufacturing process and these are already being used in the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge smartphones.

It's currently the fastest mobile chip available on Android smartphones, although it would certainly be trumped by a 10nm offering.

Samsung was one of the first companies to ship a 14nm FinFET chip, only coming second to Intel.

However there is also the small matter of Chipzilla which has been quiet on its own 10nm chips. The theory is that if Samsung is close to making 10nm then Intel must ahead of everyone in 10nm development."

Samsung is expected to produce chips for Apple's much-rumoured iPhone 6S, but these will reportedly be manufactured using a 14nm process.

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