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Intel to revamp tablet line-up

by on09 December 2013

Cheaper Bay Trail parts coming

Intel is starting to take tablets quite seriously and it appears to be getting ready to enter new market segments. In essence, Intel is joining the race to the bottom.

According to Digitimes, Intel’s new Bay Trail-based Z3735D is designed for use in low-end tablets, namely 7-inch designs in the $99 to $129 price range and 8-inchers priced at $149 to $199. The chip and the first actually products based on it, should appear in the first quarter of 2014.

More powerful Bay Trail and Cherry Trail parts will target the $199 to $249 segment, as well as the high end segment, which Intel apparently describes as 10-inch tablets priced at more than $249. Merrifield and Moorefield will go after phone design wins come Q3 2014, but the chips can also be used in Android tablets.

Things will get really interesting with the launch of Cherry Trail in September 2014. Based on the new 14nm Airmont architecture, Cherry Trail is already looking like the most potent mobile chip ever designed by Intel.

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