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Core i3 Broadwell 14nm in Q4 2014

by on06 December 2013

Core i5 and Core i7 one quarter earlier

Core i5 and Core i7 Haswell processors are getting replaced by Broadwell in 2H 2014, but it looks like Core i3 based Haswell processors will be next in line. Without saying that Core i7 and Core i5 Broadwell 14nm processors are coming in Q3 2014, Intel clearly indicates that Core i3 Haswell replacement Broadwell are coming in Q4 2014.

This is not surprising as this has been Intel’s strategy all along. It played out well with the Sandy to Ivy Bridge transition and the subsequent Ivy Bridge to Haswell transition. Why fix something that isn't broken?

Pentium and Celeron will remain Haswell and Bay Trail based until the end of 2014, the only thing that should change is that Bay Trail gets replaced by Cherry Trail in Q4 2014. Haswell Pentium and Celeron parts will continue selling at least until the end of 2014, with some hope that Broadwell Pentium and Celeron processors might show up in early 2015 if necessary.

Tablets are the new hit and Intel better increase its market share in tablets with Bay Trail-T and its successors, as more people are buying tablets as an addition to notebooks or desktops they use on a daily basis. The PC upgrade cycle is getting longer and Intel needs to gain traction in the tablet space soon. We are sure that Intel is well aware of that and let’s hope that CEO Brian Krzanich can make it happen.

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