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Haswell Celeron G1830 in Q1 2014

by on09 December 2013

2.8GHz dual core

Intel is planning to launch its first Haswell desktop Celeron and replace the Ivy Bridge based Celeron G1630.

The Celeron G1630 works at 2.8GHz has 2MB cache and despite its 22nm it has rather huge TDP of 55W. The official price stands at $52 for other box or tray edition, making it rather attractive for low end desktops.

This chap gets replaced by the new Celeron G1830, a Haswell based 2.8GHz dual-core without Turbo. It supports DDR3 1333 MHz and nothing higher than that at least not officially and it comes with Intel HD 1050MHz clocked graphics. It works with 54W TDP and clock to clock should end up significantly faster than the G1630.

The Sandy Bridge based G470 is also retiring in Q4 2013 as despite its $37 price its single-core and two thread support at 2GHz are not great in this day and age. After a decade of multi cores Intel is finally retiring some of its last single cores, at least in the desktop space.

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