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Intel sends 17 CPUs to meet their maker

by on17 July 2013

Core i7 and Core i5

Intel has just rolled out desktop Core 4000-series parts, with the Core i7 4770K as the leader of the pack. In order to maintain sales of the latest generation of its processors it has to get rid of three older Core i7 processors and no less than 14 older Core i5 processors.

Most of the processors that are being sent to their maker are based on the Sandy Bridge 32nm architecture that that includes two overclockable Core i7 2700K and Core i7 2000K and the non-overclockable Core i7 2600S all these processors received an End of life status by late Q1 2013, shortly before the Haswell launch.

Intel also retired following Sandy Bridge Core i5 processors: Core i5 2550K, Core i5 2500K, Core i5 2500, Core i5 2500S, Core i5 2500T, Core i5 2450K, Core i5 2400S, Core i5 2380P, Core i5 2390T, Core i5 2310, Core i5 2320 and Core i5 2405S. Since these are processors based on a two year old architecture, not too many people are going to miss them. All of these processors but one got retired in Q1 2013 with the exception of Core i5 2390T that is getting retired this quarter, Q3 2013.

Intel also plans to retire two more Ivy Bridge processors, the Core i5 3450 clocked at 3.1GHz and max turbo to 3.5GHz and the Core i5 3450S, a 2.8GHz part with a top turbo clock of 3.5GHz. Their removal should make more room for Core i5 4670, Core i5 4570S, Core i5 4570 as well as the Core i5 4430S 65W parts. This is the natural cause of things and is nothing out of ordinary. We just will be interested to hear what Intel has to say about the Q2 2013 financial results and the actual state of the desktop and notebook x86 market as it all indicates that this Q2 2013 was not the best for the whole PC industry.

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