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Beema and Mullins APUs on track for 2014

by on16 July 2013

28nm, GCN 2.0 and HSA

Jaguar is the most exciting piece of silicon to come out of AMD this year and now we are getting the first titbits of information on next generation Beema and Mullins APUs, slated to launch next year.

Beema is the replacement for Kabini and it should feature GCN 2.0 graphics cores, HSA support and it will be a 28nm part. Beema’s CPU cores will be Jaguar derived. We already talked about Beema a few months ago, here

The second piece of the puzzle is the Mullins APU, which should succeed the tablet centric Temash APU, reports WCCFtech. Mullins is expected to feature a low-power design, boosted by HSA enhancements. It will be a SoC design like Temash and like Beema it will feature updated Jaguar CPU cores and GCN 2.0 graphics cores.

The big question at this point is AMD’s launch schedule. Although Kabini and Temash were launched a few weeks ago, very few products based on Jaguar are actually available. We expect things to pick up over the next few weeks, as vendors gear up for the back to school shopping spree. However, this also indicates that Beema and Mullins probably won’t launch before mid-2014, roughly a year from now.

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