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AMD's 2014 Kabini successor is Beema

by on13 January 2013

Scotty Beema me up

AMD currently offers Brazos and Brazos 2.0 platforms in the essential market and as many of you know, this platform is based on a setting star called Zacate, a 40nm part.

In Q2 2013 AMD should launch Kabini, a new 28nm APU based on the new Jaguar core, Sea Islands graphics and a reference design called Larme.

This is going to be succeeded by a new chip codenamed Beema, which is based on Jaguar+ cores. We have little information about the chip and don’t know whether is still based on 28nm or there will be a sort of miracle that this chip can make it to 20nm. This is something that we will have to find at later date.

The graphics part of Beema is based on Sea Islands reference platform and Larme reference design. Currently Beema is scheduled for 1H 2014.

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