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Haswell 2 chip to have significantly better battery life

by on12 February 2013

70 percent better than Chief River 2012

We found out that Intel made a bold battery life claim that hasn’t been really advertised by the company so far.

At this point it doesn’t benefit Intel to announce it, as such news can change in a heartbeat, but it looks as if the Haswell 2 chip platform, a part of Shark Bay 2013 platform, should have significantly better battery life than the previous Ivy Bridge 2012 generation.

Our sources close to Intel claim that we can expect as much as up to 70 percent more battery life compared to an equivalent Chief River (Ivy Bridge) platform. This is a huge success. Compared to an existing generation platform and even in the Shark bay Ultrabook baseline feature Intel dares to share that we can expect whole-day battery life.

When Intel and other companies talk about all-day battery life, it usually means a working day, or eight hours, so don’t be tricked into thinking that whole day battery life means 24 hours. Most Ultrabooks today can deliver 5 to 6 hours and it looks like this is about to change with Shark Bay Ultrabooks, that are expected in Q3 2013.

Haswell just got a bit more attractive in our eyes as it will bring a lot of computing power and decent battery life that makes it much more competitive against tablets. It appears that Haswell convertible notebooks really have a chance in the war against ARM based tablets, but they will still be pricier.

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