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1-chip Haswell aims at 50 percent lower average power

by on13 February 2013

U or Y processor Ultrabook line

Intel's Haswell comes in at least four major processor lines. The first to launch are quad- and dual-cores with 37, 47 and 57W TDPs, followed by H line with quad-core processors only. After Q3 13 we can expect the new low power U-series. The last to launch in Q4 13 is the 1-chip Y processor line.

The Haswell 1-chip platform has integrated I/O and it is optimized for Ultrabooks. It is the new magic chip that can drive Ultrabook TDPs down dramatically. Intel is targeting 80 percent of 2-chip dual-core Haswell performance with these chips, but with an average power saving of close to 50 percent. Idle power consumption should be up to 3.5 times lower.

The Y processor line has a TDP of 11.5W, while its SDP should be as low as 7.5W. Scenario Design Power or SDP represents the average workload expected from a tablet or detachable Haswell notebook. Average power comparison estimates are based on Windows 7 MM07 Office productivity suite, while the idle power claim is based on Win 8 Idle display on.

Despite the fact that the Haswell Y line is still a long way off and it won't be introduced before Q4 2013, the processors look really interesting and having Core i7 or Core i5 class performance at around 7W definitely sounds nice.

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