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Globalfoundries 10nm process slated for 2015

by on12 February 2013

7nm parts by 2017

Globalfoundries seems unfazed by the PC slump and it plans to aggressively shift to new processes over the next few years.

By the end of the year Globalfoundries plans to start churning out 20nm LPM parts for wired applications and networking. In 2014 we should see the first hybrid 14nm XM (extreme mobility) parts, which combine 14nm FinFET transistors and 20nm back-end-of-line (BEOL). A 10nm hybrid process, utilizing 10nm FinFET with 14nm BEOL, is planned for 2015.

Globalfoundries is expected to roll out its 7nm process in 2017. However, high performance cores probably won’t reap the benefits of Glofo’s new processes anytime soon, so 32nm and 28nm parts aren’t going anywhere just yet.

Globalfoundries says it will be able to process around 190,000 300mm wafers per month by late 2013. However, TSMC can already process more than a million 300mm wafers a month.

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