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Core i7 2700K to get EOL after first birthday

by on09 October 2012

RIP unlocked 32nm Sandy Bridge

The Core i7 2700K, an unlocked 3.5GHz Sandy Bridge part, will meet its marker even sooner than many expected. Intel has decided that this processor launched in Q4 2011 and currently priced at $342 for boxed version is ready for processor discontinuance notice as soon as Q4 2012.

This means that in this quarter Intel plans to take last orders for the processor and will continue to ship them to customers until the EOL or end of lifecycle for this product that is planned in Q2 2013, or two quarters later.

If Intel ends up with some extra stock, it will surely ship it to customers but these are the official rules.

Core i7 2700K is not alone in PDN and EOL plans. Core i7 2600 and 2500K will also get product discontinuance notice in Q4 2012 and will reach the end of its professional career in Q2 2013 and it’s no coincidence that this happens days before scheduled Haswell launch.

It’s worth mentioning the Core i7 2700K, 2600K and 2500K are all unlocked Sandy Bridge 32nm based processor and that today’s enthusiast feel much better when they buy Core i7 3000K series based on Ivy Bridge 22nm.

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