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Ivy Bridge Widi 3.0 brings 1080p 60 FPS

by on11 April 2012

inTru3D with glasses

Intel’s new graphics core, used in Ivy bridge mobile and desktop processors, will improve graphics experience in both transcoding and games. Intel will continue to suffer from bad drivers, but the chipmaker has already captured most of the “good enough” market.

We just found out a few details about WiDi 3.0 (Wireless Display) and the new iteration will let you watch 1080p video at 60FPS, naturally if you have Intel approved and Intel based Wifi on your notebook. It promises low latency, secured stream and responsive interface. Intel insider 2.0 promises 1080p content from Intel content store that can be shared on multiple devices via something called Ultraviolet. We will probably hear more about that soon.

Quick sync video with Ivy Bridge and the rest of Chief River platform will get faster, due to faster HD 4000 graphics that bring 2D to 3D content conversion as well as fast recording, conversion and upload. The quality should be better than the previous generation. Last but not least, let’s mention InTru3D and 1080p HD videos with active shutter glasses on eDP. This will work on over 80 games and many movies. If you want 3D with glasses Intel will let you have them. 

Some requirements for Widi and previous generation insider are here, so check them out if you're up for a bland read.

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