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Two new 32nm mobile Celerons in Q3

by on11 April 2012

B820 and B730

Sandy Bridge based processors in the value market segment will remain strong for the whole 2012. Two new SKUs make sure Intel maintains a good lineup. The B840 is a dual-core Sandy Bridge part clocked at 1.9GHz. It has 2MB of L3 cache and it will survive till the end of 2012. It currently sells for $86 and this probably remains its price for a good part of 2012.

The new additions include Celeron mobile B820, a dual-core with two threads clocked at 1.7GHz and naturally no turbo support. Intel decided early on that Celeron will never get Turbo support. The HD graphics of B820 work at 650MHz with maximum graphics clock of 1050MHz and the memory of choice is DDR3 1333. It also has a 35W TDP and 2MB cache. It should launch in Q3 2012 replacing the B815 dual core with two threads and 1.6GHz core.

Probably the last Sandy Bridge mobile Celeron to launch is B730, a single-core that should replace 1.7GHz clocked single core B720. The Celeron B730 is 1.8GHz is a single core processor but it supports two threads, unlike its B720 predecessor. It has 1.5MB cache, DDR3 up to 1333 support, 650 / 1000MHz graphics speed and the same 35W, a common feature for all mobile Celerons.

According to currently available plans and roadmaps Ivy Bridge Celerons won’t come before at least Q4 2012 but probably even later at some point of 1H 2013. However, these plans tend to change.

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