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Tegra 2 finally goes beyond 1.0GHz

by on13 September 2011

1.2GHz to be precise
We were wondering how come Samsung, Qualcomm as well as Texas instruments can make their 40 / 45nm dual core chips work over 1.0GHz while Nvidia was stuck with 1.0GHz until five days ago.

Nvidia and LG just announced what seems to be the first device with Tegra 2 at over 1.0GHz. The phone is called LG Optimus note, a slider phone of which you can learn more here.

We spoke to Nvidia, who told us that this should not remain the only Tegra 2 device that goes over 1.2GHz but we understand that Tegra 3 is getting a lot more attention these days. The company confirmed that we should start seeing some Tegra 3 phones on the market as soon as early as 2012, with clocks currently unknown.

It looks like in the future, we won’t be stuck with one chip per year with the same clock speeds and that with time and some optimization the clock can go slightly up. In this case, we're talking about some 20 percent increase and we still wonder how much more power / TDP does this clock increase can cause. No one wants to comment this part, but they claim not a lot.

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