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Kal El Tegra 3 has more design wins than Tegra 2

by on13 September 2011

Jensen confirms to Dow Jones
We got a tip that Nvidia's CEO has gone on the record confirming that Kal El, Tegra 3 has more design wins than Tegra 2. 

He also confirmed that the chip will be on the market before US holiday season and added:"this quarter (Q3 that ends with September 2011) or Q4 2011". Other industry sources are confirming that Kal El gets a lot of attention and we again confirmed that Asus Transformer 2 will be the first device to come with this quad core 40nm chip, the one that has better power consumption than Tegra 2.

Our sources claim that we should see Kal El in early Q4 2011, where October is the month to hope to see one in market. We also heard that the keyboard dock + battery should stay compatible from the original Asus Transformer power with Tegra 2, which is quite good news.

Jensen also said that he sees Tegra business a a 1 billion dollar business for Nvidia in 2012, which will definitely make some nice money to Nvidia, much more than just to fill the void that was left when Nvidia left out the chipset business.

You can get some more details here.

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