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Three new 32nm Celerons in September

by on10 June 2011

$52 and below for Sandy Bridge
Sandy Bridge 32nm architecture doesn’t have to cost a fortune. In its cheaper Celeron iteration, it sells for really modest $37 a piece. This money will buy you a single core Intel Celeron processor G440 with one core and one tread, and Intel is nice enough to offer you a whole 1MB of cache.

The second in line will offer you much more for only $5 more. The name is Celeron G530 and this is a 2.4GHz clocked dual core with two threads with a whole 2 MB of cache. It will sell for $42 once it launches in September.

The top of this new upgrade is Celeron G540, a $52 dual core with two threads and 2.5GHz core clock. This 2MB cache LGA1155 also comes in September and will be the fastest Sandy Bridge based Celeron.

These three new Celerons will start to replace Celeron E3x00 series based on LGA775 socket and clocked between 2.5 and 2.7GHz, all dual cores.

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