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Two mobile Core i7 and one Core i5 ULV this month

by on09 June 2011

Pricing revealed for Ultra low voltage 17W parts
Intel is planning to launch a few new Core i7 and one Core i5 mobile CPUs and we even managed to get the wholesale prices for these new parts.

At some point towards the end of this month, Intel plans to launch the Core i7 2677M, a dual core with four threads at 1.8GHz and 4MB cache. It will go for $317. This is a slight change as the original plan was to launch this CPU in Q3, the quarter that starts with July and end with the last day of September. The catch with this CPU is that despite rather conservative 1.8GHz core clock it can reach 2.9GHz with Turbo and it can still maintain 17W TDP.

The runner up is Core i7 2637M with two cores, four threads, 4MB cache and 1.7GHz core clock. It will sell for $289 if you buy a thousand of them or more. It is again a 17W TDP part with graphics clock at 350 MHz. Of course, a little graphics turbo goes a long way and you can push it to 1200MHz whereas CPU turbo can get you 2.8GHz.

The last on the list is Core i5 2557M, again a two core and four thread CPU. It's also clocked at 1.7GHz but this time it has 3MB of cache. This one will sell for $250 and all four are listed to launch in June 2011. It’s a 17W part that can get to 2.7GHz with turbo, while the graphics can go from stock 350MHz to 1200MHz.

We can guarantee that you will get a great performance improvement compared to Arrandale 17W parts. In comparison, Core i7 620UM clocked at 1.46GHz could get to 2.53MHz with turbo.  The current king, Core i7 2677M, starts at 1.8GHz native clock and will allow for 2.9GHz with turbo.

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