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Core i5 2320 comes in September

by on10 June 2011

3GHz 95W TDP Quad part
Intel is still not done with introduction of Sandy Bridge processors. The plan to launch tree new Core i3 products is still on schedule and you can expect to see Core i3 2130, Core i3 2125 and Core i3 2120T in Q3 2011. You can learn more about these three here.

Core i5 2320 is the latest addition in Intel Core i5 quad core family and this is a 3GHz quad core that can get to modest 3.3GHz with a little help from turbo. It has a 6MB cache, supports four hyper treads and has Intel HD 2000 graphics clocked at 850 /1100. Note that Intel's HD 3000 graphics is the faster of two but it isn't offered with the Core i5 2320.

This Core i5 part supports dual channel memory as well s Intel Clear HD video technology, something that comes with most Core i3, Core i5 and Core i7 processors. It is supposed to launch in September with $177 wholesale pricing.

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