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2012 mobile AMD are Comal and Deccan

by on31 May 2011

Sabine and Brazos replacement
AMD was very vocal about its 2012 plans and it has mentioned that after Llano comes Trinity and we also heard names like Krishna and Wichita in the mainstream segment.

This time there are some additional details. Comal is the performance platform that replaces Sabine platform powered by Llano APUs. Since parts of Sabine platform have yet to launch, let’s go through some details.

Llano is a dual or quad core APU powered by Husky CPU cores codenamed Beaverpark and Winterpark and of course Llano has DirectX 11 graphics with UVD 3. The platform supports DDR3 and DDR3L and CPU and GPU combined have 35W to 45W TDP.

The chipset of choice is AMD A760M/A60M FCH, the platform uses uFCPG socket and matches Vancouver series of mobile discrete graphics. The launch is expected in the next few weeks, but certainly before the end of the summer.

The one to replace Sabine is Comal and it looks like that there will be at least three different CPUs for it. First one is codenamed Trinity followed by Weatherford and Richland APUs, all powered by the new Piledriver CPU core.

Deriving its name from a river in Texas, it comes with Fusion graphics, DDR3 support and it looks like that the new CPUs might work with the 2011 AMD A760M/A60M FCH chipsets. The graphics of choice of Comal comes from London series, most likely 28nm at that time, but we still have very sketchy details about it.

Deccan replaces Brazos in the essential part of the market and it comes with 28nm powered Krishna and Wichita APUs. Deccan gets its name from a large plateau in India.This one uses Bobcat cores, Fusion graphics, DDR3 and FT2 BGA socket, new chipset codenamed Yuba Mx FCH and if that is not enough, it comes with London series mobile graphics.

You can get some additional details here.

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