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Intel EVP talks Haswell 22nm 2013

by on31 May 2011

22nm after Ivy Bridge
Following the introduction of Ivy Bridge, Intel plans to launch another 22nm processor, but this time it will use a new architecture.

You may recall that Intel uses its tick tock model - every year there's either tick or tock, where tick is a new architecture and tock is a new process. It went 45 to 32nm in last two years and now it’s getting ready to move to 22nm.

Yesterday, at a pre-Computex press event, Intel's EVP mentioned that with introduction of Haswell in 2013. The thermals will get better for their Ultrabook strategy. Intel definitely puts a lot of attention to their ultraportable, thin and light notebooks, as this is the only way for them to stay competitive against ARM and a big fear of tablet revolution.

Haswell is promised to have a thermal design reduced by half than today’s design point, and this definitely looks promising, especially as Haswell is only two years always. By the time Haswell comes, we expect to see Windows 8 for ARM and that tablets become a real thing that can sell with more than 250,000 units in a few months, of course for players that don’t have an Apple in their logo.

One more thing, Hass in German means hate.

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