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Llano TDP can match Intel's quad TDP

by on31 May 2011

35W to 45W
We have been playing with some quad-core Core i7 notebooks, some of them clocked at 2.2, GHz and found out that Asus' N53SV 15.6-inch notebook can give you some three to four hours of endurance. Since we got a hint that Llano TDP has 35W to 45W depending on the clock and configuration, we have decided to compare what Intel has to offer in that TDP range.

Core i7 2720QM that we have tested works at 2.2GHz native clock but with turbo it rocks to 3.3GHz has 650MHz graphics and 1300MHz graphics memory. This is a 45W TDP CPU. A bit faster one is Core i7 2820M, again a quad-core with eight threads with 2.3GHz core clock and 3.4GHz clock with turbo. The TDP remains the same, 45W. Intel has bunch of 35W dual-cores and the fastest one is Core i7 2620M that supports four threads hyperthreading 2.7GHz core clock and 3.4GHz turbo clock.

These are the top parts in 45W TDP range, and these 45W quad cores will go after highest clocked and best performing quad core Llano. Still, even being a year too late, we expect to see Llano lose to Core i7 2x20QM in CPU performance. On the other hand, we expect it to win in the graphics part of benchmarks hands down.

In the 35W dual-core market, the competition is tougher but its safe to say that Llano in 32nm can definitely come up with better graphics, but we are not sure if its dual core can win against 32nm based Sandy Bridge.

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