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New Atom, Oak Trail tablets soon

by on03 March 2011

Cebit 2011: Intel tablet division exec confirms
Intel's director of tablet division Europe Kevin O'Donovan has told Fudzilla that the company is working to get its Oak Trail tablets out soon.

Oak Trail is the next generation Atom that will fit tablets just fine, and of course at some point there will be a netbook version of the same thing. Fujitsu is the first company to have an Oak Trail tablet, and many others will follow. For the time being the OS of choice for Fujitsu is Windows 7, but Intel supports Android 2.3 and 3.0. Android devices might come later, but it is up to Intel partners to announce such devices.

The MeeGo version comes later this year when things get ready. Battery life should be significantly better on Oak Trail based tablets and of course they can play full 1080p HD content.

So, Intel has something to fight the ARM crowd, but we are not sure about wide adoption of these devices. They might have a chance with the right price, but most tablets in 2011 will run ARM based CPUs.
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