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Llano has at least three SKUs

by on03 March 2011

Cebit 2011: Dual, quad and different graphics
We saw Llano chip in action, including a demo versus Core i7 and AMD’s charismatic VP of product marketing Leslie Sobon and an exec that fiddles with Fusion, John Taylor, showed us the chip up and running.

The Llano that we saw was quad core, but we were told that taking a die pictures was not an option today. The chip has a lot of graphics power and can do a fancy video post processing stuff.  These nice people at the AMD booth also shared with us that you can expect at least three different versions of Llano.

They plan a dual-core, quad-core and there will be some variations with the graphics, as you will be able to get more or fewer graphics cores. The graphics part is clearly faster than the latest Core i7 aka Sandy Bridge but we don’t have any numbers we could quote.

The demo notebook running 1.8GHz clocked Llano used up to 55W to run the Final Fantasy demo together with Excel, HD video and a few other applications, all multitasking. The Llano system looks quite responsive unlike Core i7 2GHz quad-core notebook running the same task. The Llano prototype simply ran smoother and needed 10 to 15W less than the Core i7 Sandy Bridge.

AMD did say it will launch in summer and our other sources told us that Computex is the target for the launch, roughly three months from today.
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