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Analyst's server report pants, says Intel

by on09 September 2010

They'll pull the report soon
An analyst's report into Intel's future in the server market has been pulled after the Chip giant point out it was rubbish. The Trefis report claimed that Intel's market share in the server market was dropping as it had lost significant ground to AMD.

But according to Intel the figures in the report were all wrong. Quoting an IDC report, Intel pointed out it finished Q2 with 93.5 per cent market segment share in the PC server/workstation processor segment, which represented a gain of 3.3 per cent. AMD earned 6.5 per cent which was a loss of 3.3 per cent.

The other thing that seemed to have got Intel's goat in the Trefis report was the statement of Chipzilla's performance. “It is widely accepted that Intel Xeon processors have led the industry on the vast majority of industry standard performance, power, virtualization and other metrics since the launch of the Intel Xeon 5100 processor series in 2006,” Intel claimed. It gave us a nice list of mostly third party benchmarks to prove it.

Normally when a manufacturer complains about an analyst's report, it is a quibble over figures from different sources. The analyst usually stands by their figures and that is the end of it. However Intel assures us that Trefis is going to pull the report, although early this morning it was still up.

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