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Via to release quad cores next year

by on07 September 2010

Years behind the rest
The gap between Via and the other suppliers of central processing units is widening. According to the dark satanic rumour mill the outfit only plans to release its first quad-core Via Nano microprocessors in late 2011.

If this is true it would be five years behind Intel and  four years after AMD. According to Xbit Labs
Via intends to launch dual-core Nano microprocessors later this year.

The dual-core Via Nano CPUs will be clocked at up to 2GHz clock-speed, will have 2MB L2 cache and will utilize 1333MHz V4 bus. They will havea 20W thermal design power and will be targeted for notebooks. The chips are to be made using 40nm process.

Quadcores will not see the light of day until late 2011 along with an integrated DirectX 11-class graphics core. This places Via light years behind AMD and Intel with quad-core CPUs and trying to compete with a platform less progressive compared to AMD's Fusion or Intel's Sandy Bridge due in 2011.

The rumours say that Via is trying to add stuff to its CPU's that the others don't have such as better security. But low performance high thermal design and power usage are starting to put off  those who think their chips might be a good  idea.

It is starting to show in Via's bottom line. The outfit made a net loss for the first half of the year of $45.011 million on sales of $79.974 million.

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