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Starlink offers $200 per month service

by on21 February 2023

But you can only use it to do what Musk says

The SpaceX-owned Starlink service is offering a new Global Roaming service.

 The price for joining the new plan is $200 a month, not including the one time $599 price tag for the required hardware receiver and other devices. There are some conditions. You cannot use the service in any way that Starlink CEO Elon [look at me] Musk disagrees with and you must not modify the product in a way which will offend the Russian government.

For those who came in late, Musk ordered Starlink shut off for any Ukrainians who were using Starlink for drone communications in their war against Russia. Musk has told Ukraine that it must surrender its territory to that nice Mr Putin.  So, anyone who is thinking of splashing out on a Starlink system might want to think about if they can live with Musk's terms and conditions. 

The invite email does point out that because this is a new service from Starlink, it may not work -- which is fair enough as many of Musks other properties such as Twitter and Tesla also have the occasional outage. Starlink already offers a way to connect to its service via campers, RVs, and similar large vehicles. It launched in May 2022 for $135 a month, again not counting the one-time hardware costs. The normal Starlink subscription is $110 a month.


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