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Apple takes revenge on EU's USB-C requirements

by on13 February 2023

We will limit what it can do

Fruity-cargo cult Apple is so angry that the EU forced it to dump its lightning port in favour of USB-C that it is introducing a limited version of the spec in its iPhone 15.

According to a Chinese social media site Weibo, the USB-C port on the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro devices will be fitted with an integrated circuit holding an authenticator chip, so peripherals can be checked for their compatibility.

The big idea is that Apple will undo the aims of the EU requirement by forcing customers to buy its "special" USB-C chargers and not be allowed to plug in just any old charger. This will effectively make the EU attempts to reduce technology waste null and void, 

We will know in September when the iPhone 15 with USB-C is expected to make its debut. About that time we will see how the EU reacts. Apple has until 2024 to conform to the EU standard so this might just be seeing if the EU will allow it to get away with it. 

Apple might claim that it is protecting its expensive iPhones from being plugged into anything that's lower quality or even dangerous. But there are other Apple products which are allowed to use what ever USB-C chips they like, so it is more likely just to be spite. 


Last modified on 13 February 2023
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