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Apple’s “self-repair programme” is pants

by on28 April 2022

iFixit rubbishes the whole operation

While the Tame Apple Press has been telling the world+dog how wonderful their favourite company is for allowing fanboys to repair phones that they have paid a fortune for, those who know about repairing kits say the scheme is rubbish.

Apple began releasing repair manuals for some of its products, in addition to selling parts and tools online. The goal, the company said, was to allow iPhone owners an alternative way to repair their devices.

Self Service Repair, is starting out for US customers with Apple's iPhone 13 line of smartphones, the iPhone 12 and new iPhone SE. So these should be the newer phones which should not really need repairing at all

We are not the only ones who are sceptical. IFixit blogged that it was underwhelmed, and settling back its usual scepticism about Jobs’ Mob’s wonderful features and programmes.

The blog points out that the programme is just another way that Apple is doubling down on their parts pairing strategy, enabling only very limited, serial number-authorised repairs. Fanboys cannot purchase key parts without a serial number or IMEI. If you use an aftermarket part, there's an "unable to verify" warning waiting for you.

This means that third-party repairs are hamstrung with feature loss and scare tactics and could dramatically limit options for recyclers and refurbishers, and short-circuit the circular economy.


Last modified on 28 April 2022
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