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Pixelworks scores TCL 10, 5G and 10 L designs

by on11 April 2020

HDR Tone Mapping, SDR-to-HDR and Picture Clarity Enhancements

TCL is continuously improving its phone portfolio, adding better specs and still keeping the phones at a very reasonable price. The display supremacy in making is amplified by a Pixelworks.

We have mentioned Pixelworks several times and the tiny chip called IRIS and the company also partners with Qualcomm enabling Soft IRIS to certain SoCs.

Pixelworks was included on the first TCL branded phone launched in at IFA September 2019 and this is the continuation of their cooperation. Now the company chose Pixelworks to enable best-in-class color, motion and clarity in smartphone displays. The TCL 10 Pro, 10L and 10 5G are the first phones developed under the extended partnership between the two companies.

50 percent of video consumed by phones by 2022

Cisco expects that 50 percent of global video consumption will shift to phones by 2022, up from 23 percent in 2017. A phone is the most important device that you can carry with you and display quality plays an essential role. At the end of the day, display is the enabler of the consumption of visual content. 5G is the enabler of more video on phones, offering carriers to provide higher quality video content at a lower cost via 5G sub 6 and mmWaves. 

The extended partnership intends to address these challenges by working closely together on end-to-end display performance optimization that leverages Pixelworks’ portfolio of advanced mobile processor and software technologies, HDR tone mapping, SDR-to-HDR conversion, high-efficiency color calibration, sharpness and contrast enhancement.


In addition, the collaboration seeks to advance ambient light and tone adaptive display features to preserve overall picture quality and clarity in all kinds of lighting environments, from ultra-low light to bright sunlight.

“We expect to bring several next-generation smartphones models to market with TCL in this long-term partnership”, said Todd DeBonis, President and CEO, Pixelworks. “This close collaboration will enable more consumers to enjoy optimized visuals and video in the palm of their hands with cutting-edge cinematic display technologies from TCL and Pixelworks. We are excited to leverage our 20 years of display innovation to bring a truly immersive experience to TCL smartphones.”

“Our mission with TCL Mobile devices is to bring moments of Display Greatness to our customers, and this collaboration with Pixelworks builds on our internal expertise to make these display experiences standout on our devices”, said Stefan Streit, General Manager of Global Marketing for TCL Communication. “We look forward to further developments alongside Pixelworks so that more consumers can experience immersive HDR video with absolute color accuracy and enhanced picture quality wherever they go.”

TCL’s 10 Pro, 10L and 10 5G Smartphones

The recent launch of TCL’s 10 Pro, 10L and 10 5G are the first phones resulting from this extended partnership and utilize a range of Pixelworks’ premium mobile display features including:

  • Industry-leading HDR Tone Mapping for authentic, cinematic picture quality that exposes up to 1 billion shades of color

  • Real-time SDR-to-HDR conversion to enable an HDR-like experience across virtually all video and gaming content

  • Picture Clarity Enhancements that include superior contrast and sharpness that expose hidden details, with an adaptive display that preserves image quality with changes in ambient ligh

There is a great video that explains a bit more that Pixelworks does. 

Last modified on 11 April 2020
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