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Apple wanted Qualcomm chips last year

by on15 January 2019

Just did not want to pay for them

Fruity cargo cult Apple still wants Qualcomm mobile chips – it just does not want to pay for them, a court has been told.

Apple's operating chief Apple COO Jeff Williams said that Qualcomm refused to sell its 4G LTE processors to Jobs’ Mob due to the companies' licensing dispute.

While Qualcomm does provide modems for older phones it won't provide Apple with processors for the newest iPhones, designed since the two began fighting over patents, he said.

Apparently, Williams believes the royalty rate Apple paid for using Qualcomm patents -- $7.50 per iPhone -- is too high and it is up to Apple to set the price and not the manufacturer. He also seems surprised that after Apple refused to pay its old bills, Qualcomm did not rush to provide it with chips.

He said that Qualcomms refusal to set a price that was acceptable to Apple "had a ripple effect on how quickly Apple can make the shift to 5G".

He said he contacted Qualcomm CEO Steve Mollenkopf to get him to sell chips to Apple. When Qualcomm refused, Apple had to call Intel's CEO at the time, Brian Krzanich, to ask him to supply all modems needed for the iPhone instead of only half the volume.

"He had to scramble. We would have loved to continue to have access to Qualcomm's tech."

The trial makes it clear that Apple does not think that Intel modems are better, as it attempted to claim that it would rather be using Qualcomm modem chips.

It also shows that Apple believes that it has the right to set the price of a product and not the person making it. By the same logic Apple fanboys should have the right to set their own price for the iPhone and then drag Apple to the ITC if it disagrees with them.

Last modified on 15 January 2019
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