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New iPhone prices even more ridiculous in Europe

by on14 September 2018

Go as high as €1,289/£1,099

While even the US prices of the new Apple iPhone trio were quite high for our taste, it appears that buyers from Europe or the UK will have to shell out even more cash than their US counterparts, pushing those prices to insane levels.

According to a report from, which made a nice list of prices in the UK and some countries from Europe, the price premium - despite the fact that it includes the tax in those countries - is still ridiculous.

In case you somehow missed it, Apple announced three new iPhones, the iPhone Xs Max, iPhone Xs, and the cheaper iPhone Xr, which still starts at $749. The iPhone Xs starts at $999 while the cheapest iPhone Xs Max goes for $1,099.

To make things even worse, those that did not want to spend a lot of money but still needed to have an iPhone, are out of luck, as Apple has killed the iPhone SE (although should be still available from "authorized resellers", at least as long as stock lasts), which was starting at $349.

Currently, the cheapest iPhone is the iPhone 7, which dropped from $549 down to $449, a cool $100 more than the iPhone SE.

apple iphonelineupprices 1

Prices are higher due to tax but it doesn't add up

Back to the new lineup and customers across the pond, which will even further fill Apple's pockets. In the UK, the iPhone Xr starts at £749 ($977) while the top version will go for £899 ($1,172), a cool $270 over the price in the US. Europe is even worse, as it starts at €849 for the base 64GB version, €909 for the 128GB, and €1,019 for the 256GB version, making it quite an expensive "cheaper" iPhone.

The iPhone Xs starts at £999 ($1,300) and goes all the way to £1,349 ($1,760) for the 512GB version. In Europe, it starts at €1,149 and goes up to €1,319 and €1,549, at least in Germany.

The iPhone Xs Max starts at £1,099 in the UK, and goes up to £1,449, while in Europe, it starts at €1,249 and goes up to €1,649, again in Germany. Of course, some other European countries have a higher tax, but the numbers still do not add up, as even with those taxes, you are better off buying in the US.

Regardless of these high prices, we doubt that Apple will have a problem shifting its stock as the company is close to shipping the 2 billionth iOS device. It did not even bother to include the fast charger with new iPhones, or the Lightning to 3.5mm adapter, so you'll have to buy those separately.


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