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Even stabbing the S8 will not cause it to explode

by on17 April 2017

Tame Apple Press jokes fail

The Tame Apple Press has been trying to spoil the release of Galaxy S8 with lots of gags about exploding batteries. The only problem is the S8 battery tech is surprisingly robust.

A pair of YouTubers, called “What’s Inside” and JerryRigEverything tried slicing through the Galaxy S8 and its battery. Nothing went “Boom!”

In fact it looked like Samsung might be on the cusp of a new phase in battery technology development, The Galaxy S8 still uses the same lithium-ion type of battery that any other smartphone has. But it has hardened the battery to not make it explode under destructive situations. Like stabbing or cutting the battery with a sharp object.

“What’s Inside” took a Dremel power tool to slice open a Galaxy S8. In doing so, however, it managed to also cut through the battery. But instead of catching fire, the battery only smoked and bloated and a bit of its lithium-ion oozed out. It did not explode, much to the sadness of the Tame Apple press which did its best to ignore the news.

Of course this does not mean it is totally safe, but it does mean that it is probably safer than the tech which will arrive in the next iPhone.

Last modified on 17 April 2017
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