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Samsung gives up on screen finger print scanner

by on15 March 2017

Galaxy 8 is unlikely to have it

Samsung Electronics' upcoming Galaxy S8 is unlikely to feature on-screen fingerprint scanning because its touch sensor partner Synaptics ran out of time for developing the related technology.

On-screen fingerprint was a highly-anticipated function for the new phone and Samsung threw a lot of money at Synaptics’ fledgling technology last year. Samsung wanted to embed a fingerprint scanner under the display to allow users to unlock the phone by placing their finger on the screen, not the physical home button on the bottom.

However, the results were frustrating and with production imminent, the company had to decide to relocate the fingerprint scanning home button to the back of the device at the last minute.

Many of Samsung’s smaller rivals have already launched their larger-screen phone with a fingerprint scanner on the back, although none of them have got it under the screen either.

Some users are worried that they will smudge the camera lens by mistake.

The Tame Apple Press is dancing in the streets over the news as Apple is supposed to be bringing in on-screen fingerprint scanning for the new iPhone 8. Although there is no clear confirmation that Jobs’ Mob has got it to go either and cynics say that the reason Apple has been talking up its 3D camera is because it has not managed it.

To be fair, it is difficult to develop transparent sensors and components to be used for an all-screen smartphone and if anyone actually managed it would be a big leap forward within the smartphone industry.

In the meantime, the S8 is rumoured to feature an advanced facial recognition software solution along with an iris scanner to beef up security. With the face scanner, it is expected to take less than 0.01 of a second to unlock the phone, so who needs a finger print scanner anyway?

Last modified on 15 March 2017
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