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Samsung about to spend a fortune on AI

by on22 February 2017

A billion here and there and soon we are talking about big money

Samsung may be about to write a billion dollar cheque to pick up some artificial intelligence technology.

The billion will not just be used for acquisitions, but also to invest in companies involved in AI.

This is in addition to what Samsung has already bought, including the acquisition of Viv Labs, an AI company from the team behind Apple’s Siri, plus the many references to its own AI assistant coming soon, which we currently know as Bixby.

Samsung also recently contributed to SoundCloud’s recent funding round, focusing on development of its Houndify AI platform. Joining the Catalyst program is Samsung Next, a $150 million fund for startups specialising in VR, the Internet of Things, and artificial intelligence.

We have heard all this before. Last year Samsung’s head of software research and development told Bloomberg:  “We are actively looking for M&A targets of all sorts in the software area. We are open to all possibilities, including artificial intelligence. Intelligence is no longer an option. It’s a must.”

However, this is first time we’re hearing about a cash figure linked to Samsung’s interest in AI, and it’s big enough to show that the outfit is serious. The first move will come with the Galaxy S8, which is expected to feature the Bixby, an AI assistant. Of course, the Tame Apple Press claims this is all because Samsung is envious of Apple’s super cool Siri, even if that AI is looking rather out of date now.

Last modified on 22 February 2017
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