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Feature phone users are a weird bunch

by on23 December 2016

Dinosaurs yes, broke no

A new survey pours cold water on the myth that people use feature phones because they can't afford a smartphone.

The report by Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) says that 75 percent of feature phones are used by the upper socio economic class (SEC) and almost 85 percent of them will not switch.

The reasons for this finding suggest that functional benefits of feature phones combined with their durability, battery life and ease of repair. The figure is interesting because it suggests that there is a hard core of wealthy people who use their phones just for texting and calling and are not interested in using them for anything else. Most millennials call these people “parents”.

The report suggested that an average consumer spends three hours per day on their smartphones, an increase of 55 per cent from 2015, which surpasses time spent on any other media. Social media and messaging apps consume half all time spent on smartphones, the report said. Women spend twice as much time on their smartphones and 80 percent more time on Facebook than their male counterparts, the study suggested.


Last modified on 23 December 2016
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