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iPhone 7 catches fire too

by on30 September 2016

Don't expect a swift recall

It seems when the iPhone 7 catches fire no one pays any interest and no one calls for an immediate recall, or for them to banned on aircraft.

A Reddit user posted images of his or her brand new iPhone 7 Plus, that has seemingly caught fire and turned into an expensive pile of goo. It was not being recharged or anything like that. It apparently caught fire while it was in transit and the user opened the box to discover it in this state. It was lucky that the package did not catch fire and take an entire shipment with it... what I am I saying? Unfortunately, the package did not catch fire, cause an entire shipment to explode and help raise the standards of the world.

The Tame Apple Press has written the story off as a freak accident with some trying to make a rather weak gag that Apple was copying Samsung. This is the same Tame Apple Press which claimed that the Samsung Note 7 only caught fire because it was rushed into production to beat the iPhone 7 to the shops.

Our guess is that this story will continue to be ignored, although it would be a big dose of karma if Apple suffers from the same problem that the Samsung faced and more iPhone 7's go pop.

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