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Apple and Foxconn consider going to India

by on07 September 2016

Get closer to the market

The dark satanic rumour mill is claiming that the fruity tax dodger Apple and its trampoline based supplier Foxconn are planning to set up shop in India.

Jobs’ Mob is desperate to get into India to make up for lost sales in China, but it has to admit that it has not got a hope in hell of selling the iPhone in India at the sort of price it flogs it in China.

A report from The Economic Times claims that Apple and Foxconn are said to be considering starting up manufacturing operations in India which could result in lower prices for the local market.

The Times claims that there was interest and Tim Cook had been lobbied over the issue of making phones in India. After that Apple started thinking of doing something in India which is long term.

Manufacturing in India would help reduce the price of the phone and it would remove the need to pay taxes levied on the device as it is imported into the country. Of course for most Indians the iPhone would still be hugely expensive, but it would still be better than it is now.

Apple thought about dumping its second hand models in the country, but even they were too pricey and besides, the government was not too happy about it.

Last modified on 07 September 2016
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