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Leak shows how lazy Apple has become

by on12 July 2016

It has lost the battle of the bulge

A leaked photograph of the upcoming iPhone 7 shows that Apple really appears to have given up pretending that its latest phone will be any different from the last one.

When the iPhone 7 was announced, it was supposed to save the brand from a decline that Apple is facing in the smartphone market. As time to launch got closer, it became clear that Jobs’ Mob could not be bothered and was going to stall anything new until next year.

The Tame Apple Press did its best to rouse some excitement about the lack of headphone jack moving to wi-fi headsets, but it was rapidly seen as a bad product move. Basically if you have invested in expensive headphones you are going to have to buy a new set of something which might not be so good.

So the next thing was that the lack of a headphone jack meant that the phone could be thinner (hooray). But obviously Apple would have to do something about the camera bulge which would stuff up the thin design by looking, well, bulgy. Of course the Tame Apple Press expected this and told us that camera bulge would be a thing of the past.

However, this leak says they spoke too soon and if you lie the phone on a flat surface and the top left corner will tilt toward you. This is the sort of thing that Saint Steve Jobs would have ranted against.

The question then becomes, why would anyone in their right might buy a phone which is more or less the same as last year’s model, from a company that could not be bothered coming up with anything new?  We personally think that Apple has given up on this year and put all its resources into having a better year in 2017. At least we hope so, the alternative is to think that Apple is running around like a chicken with its head cut off unable to come up with anything new.



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