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Android N stands for Nougat

by on01 July 2016

That deep-fried Mars bar of French confectionary

Google has started telling the world that Android N stands for “nougat” the super sweet candy made with sugar or honey, roasted nuts, whipped egg whites, and sometimes chopped candied fruit.

To mark the occasion, it has unveiled another Android statue outside its HQ although how you can tell this green robot from all the other green robots we have no idea. After the new statue was unveiled, it looks like everyone there received some sweet nougat treats.

It is not clear why Google chose nougat when everyone was really expecting it to be nutella. Perhaps it was because Nougat is French and they are having a bit of a tough time lately. Nutella is Italian and has a tendency to melt a little easily, so maybe that was the reason.

Google confirmed that Android Nougat is version 7.0, not 6.1, as this is a major release that deserves a brand new number. So far Google has not said when Nougat will be launched. It has been a public Android N Developer Preview since March.

Still given Android’s fragmentation you probably will not see it on any phone for another century or so.

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