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Samsung to launch phone upgrade plan on March 11

by on19 February 2016

Calls it Galaxy Club

Whatever Apple has in its latest model and Samsung Galaxy is missing, will be present in the next generation of Galaxy smartphones and the launch of the Galaxy Club phone upgrade service just confirms this.

Samsung will introduce the new Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy S7 Edge smartphones on February 21 and it will start selling three weeks later on March 11.

Instead of simple phone purchase or getting a phone from your network carrier via subscription to a specific and usually overpriced plan, the Galaxy Club phone upgrade service will be offered. You can see the Galaxy Club as a phone rental / leasing service. You should pay a monthly fee for using the phone and at the end of the contract, let's say two years; you can swap the old one and get a new Galaxy phone.

samsung galaxy s7 official image

The business plan is a copy from iPhone Upgrade Program that works the same. There are still no information about specifics, including how much will the program cost and if you will be able to swap this year's Galaxy for the next years. Since Apple allows changing your undamaged phone every year, it is safe to assume that Samsung will do the same. At this rate of copying features, it would not surprise us to see an Error 53 happening to Samsung phones too, as it would mean more money for the company.

Most of the leaks about the Galaxy S7 and the S7 Edge didn’t really talked if Samsung's latest phones will have a force touch feature. Rumours from December and January suggested that Samsung will copy this feature, but they went numb after mid-January. We will have to wait for Sunday the February 21 to see, but we would imagine it is highly likely.

Galaxy Club secret upgrade dungeon

A phone upgrade plan is starting to make more sense than owning a car, as if you are one of the must have latest and greatest, it is just less hassle to swap the upgrade plan and get a new phone then to sell your existing phone on eBay. The way things work for many upgrade addicts, they sell their eg. iPhone a week or two before the new one comes out, get a great value, live a few weeks off some back up phone, and then they get the latest iPhone. The Samsung Galaxy Club or the iPhone Upgrade Program simply sound easier.


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